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Yanik Silver is a results-only direct response copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in creating tools and resources for entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses. If you want to learn how to succeed online, and learn from the best, then Yanik is the one for you.

Some of these products are not written by Yanik Silver. Some aren't written at all - there are Video and Audio productions included here. Yanik has the ability to find the real experts and then bring you information from them at a fraction of the price that you'd have to pay to go to a seminar.

For the serious online entrepreneur, here are just a few of Yanik Silver's products.

Instant Sales Letters - If you want to write a killer sales letter in record speed - but don't want to struggle with finding the right words, get Yanik's Instant Sales Letters kit. Instead of having to nervously face a blank screen, you'll be met with templates for sales letters galore. More information

Instant Internet Profits - Here's the Ultimate, NO B.S. 'Take-You-by-the-Hand', 'Make-You-Get-Off-Your-Butt' and 'Force-You-To-Take-Action' Personal Internet Marketing Instruction and Coaching That Guarantees Your Success. More information

33 Days to Online Profits Video CD ROMs - Finally – a Simple, Video-Based Training System on CD-ROM that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make Real Money Online… 100% Guaranteed! You will love this self help guide on how to make money online, on two CD-roms containing 41 videos, providing over three hours of video instructions by Yanik and Jim Edwards. More information

Internet Marketing Lab Videos - is a set of 3 videos of the exact same online moneymaking tools and profit strategies revealed at the sold-out $4,995.00/per person 'Internet Marketing Lab' where Yanik reveals how he builds, manages and promotes his online businesses. More information

Mind Motivators - Let Yanik and Alex Mandossian hand you These 21 top-secret methods to instantly (and ethically) persuade prospects to buy now and start influencing customers to keep buying forever … No matter what business you're In! More information

Web Copy Secrets - is an extremely sensible approach to teaching web copywriting. With this product you get to climb inside the minds of some of the best copywriters on the planet including Yanik himself, Marlon Sanders, Joe Vitale and Jonathan Mizel. More information

Public Domain Riches - this product is a 2.5 hour recording of a tele-class held by Yanik Silver (you also get a printed transcript). This tele-class covered topics such as:

  • The best places to find public domain works,
  • How to make sure that something is definitely in the public domain,
  • How to profit from public domain works,
  • How to compile them in a saleable format,
  • And more.

Included on the call with Yanik Silver were Bruce Safran, Matt Furey & Rebecca Fine. Bruce as an online legal expert whilst Matt and Rebecca are two people who have managed to generate huge profits with public domain information. More information

Magnetic Marketing - will change your business life forever. Amazingly powerful advertising, marketing, direct marketing, customer/client attraction and persuasion strategies revealed. More information

Copywriting Seminar in a box - Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan Kennedy’s closed door, 2-day seminar where he revealed all of his most prized, most powerful and most profitable copywriting techniques. More information

Power Pause - There are only three problems. Money, health and relationships. Now, in just three minutes, with only three steps you can solve your problems and achieve real success. More information